Failure of WiFi, frustrated!

Dave Esquer

Hello folks,
My WiFi worked once upon a time, I updated the firmware from version 2 to 3.0.1 shortly after I built it.

Now, no WiFi connectivity at all. The router is ONLY 2.4Ghz. I've verified my password on the WiFi router.

I've done:

Numerous WiFi Configurations with 2 laptops, the Morserino inches and feet from the Apple router. 
Reconfigurations with/without the charger on
Removed the battery and reconnected
Recycled the power switch after a Configuration to see if it sticks.
Reset the device with the RESET button (#12 in the manual) holding it down for 1 sec until it reboots and 10 seconds as well.

I connect just fine to the morserino hotspot and type in all 3 fields, the network (hershey+rawley), the password (xxxxxxxxxx) and leaving the 3rd field blank or or with no luck.

It seems to remember the network name ... says Connecting, then the following on the display
Not connected
No WiFi:
RED: return

This worked before and now nothing.
Frustrated beyond belief,
Dave, K6WDE

PS, I was trying to help Charles, KG5FZ, he reached out to me via the Morserino FB page! I've been no help to him.

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