Re: Echo Trainer File Player Straight Key Error after 1st charachter #morserino #issues

Willi, OE1WKL

As far as I can see, you still can start the echo trainer mode by touching a capacitive paddle (but not with your straight key), and of course alternatively with the black knob. I don#t think I am going to change that, for the following reason:
While it would be technically possible to also check the straight key for this type of signal, it would at the same time introduce another inconsistency. In CW generator mode, when used with the Stop/Next/Repeat option, it makes a difference if you touch the left or the right paddle (repeat vs. next) - this is something I cannot do with the straight key.

Right now, the prompt is perfectly correct (Start: Press paddle), you just must not assume that you can press the straight key instead… ;-)


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