Re: Curtis B mode

Willi, OE1WKL

That’s actually a very good question! Unfortunately I am not really qualified to answer it competently.
I think that in the beginning it does not make a lot of difference. But it actually depends on which mode you WANT to learn. This could be determined by a radio you are using, if you want to use the built-in keyer (some radios only support Mode A, other only mode B, others again support both).
If you do not want to use built-in keyers, you are also free to use Ultimatic mode (usually not supported by any built-in keyers, but highly favored by a small minors of enthusiasts).

Maybe some people in the group here can elaborate depending on their experience…



Am 30.05.2019 um 11:58 schrieb grebo99@...:

hi Group!

question : can I start on the beginning to learn Morse by using Curtis B mode ? or shall there be any other mode used on the initial level of Koch echo method ? Thank you.  

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