Re: Curtis B mode

Max NG7M

Hi, Curtis mode be or 'Iambic B' as it's more commonly referred to now is of course related to sending code with a paddle.  Iambic/Curtis B Mode has nothing to do with learning the code by ear... it's related to physical dual lever paddle sending only.  If you are learning to send code with a paddle, I would highly recommend learning to send using your keyer set to Iambic B mode or in the case of the Morserino, Curtis B.  However!  The defaults in the Morserino the last I checked are wrong to make it behave properly for Iambic B sending.  Make sure you set the two options to zero in your Morserino if you are sending in the Curtis B/Iambic B mode:

Set CurtisB DahT% to zero and CurtisB DitT% to zero in your Morserino Setup!  I made a post on this awhile back and suggested that zero/0 be the default for Curtis mode B on the Morserino.  I don't know if the default has been changed.

If you are going to learn how to send via a dual lever paddle and in particular, Iambic... there are 7 letters that are keyed using iambic / squeeze keying (watch my video below).  And in the last 25 years that I have been operating CW, most all keyers and transceivers with built in keyers will default to Iambic mode B when you change to Iambic.  B is the way to go and based on popular demand, Iambic B / Curtis B mode sending is the most popular... if you guest operate or use someone else's key, chances will be high that it's already set to the Iambic B mode.

I made a quick YouTube video a few years back that has been popular on YouTube to show Iambic B keying as compared to single lever keying.  If you are good sending via iambic squeeze keying on the 7 letters in question, you will have no trouble adjusting to a single level either.  And as you can see in the video, you can still key a paddle setup for Iambic keying as though it was a single lever paddle.  I you learn how to send using Iambic keying, you will just be that much more flexible in your operating.  For example, sending CQ is a breeze keying Iambic over single level... again, watch the video and you will see this demonstrated.

Have fun!  Max NG7M

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