Re: Curtis B mode

Max NG7M

Hi Sverre, I don't think Iambic A is inferior, but over time it appears to be the most popular.  If you like how Iambic A works as far as the release timing when you squeeze and release as compared to Iambic B, I'm sure there is no disadvantage.  In my experience, Iambic B has been more popular and is usually the default for keyers.

You are right about high speed sending champions preferring single lever paddles in the competitions.  I'm not sure for the reason... maybe it's because they learned with a single lever paddle and have been working on their high speed sending skills for years that way... again, I'm not sure... maybe it's complete control where they won't need to rely on the timing of the release of Iambic keying?  For fills in contests when I'm usually sending between 32 and 38 wpm, I still prefer Iambic keying for the 7 letters in question.  As soon as you get up in the 40+ wpm range on sending, it's another level of timing that is tricky with a single or dual lever paddle!  I do like the flexibility of a dual lever paddle for guest operators too... they can key how they like and send as though it was a single lever and they don't even care or know what Iambic mode is set.  If they like to key Iambic, they are good to go too. 

Have fun either way... dual or single lever, Iambic or not. Max NG7M

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