Re: Curtis B mode

Max NG7M

I agree Sverre, at 60wpm sending is beyond my sending skills, I'm much more interested in copying by ear at QRQ speeds rather than sending.  Iambic A or B obviously is not applicable for a single lever paddle and isn't part of the equation.  I'm aware of the difference between A and B, it's simply related to the release timing and did or dah completion.

I learned on B and when a keyer is in A mode, its very difficult to send the iambic 7 characters.  I'm sure it's the same if you learned on A and try B out.  I don't think one is better than the other, but B is clearly the most common in my experience and is the default for most keyers.

I still think if one is just starting out that mode B makes the most sense, especially if you end up guest operating somewhere in a contest for example, which I have many, many times.

Max NG7M

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