Morserino in VK

Greg Winterflood VK8MD


I'm looking for VK Morserino Ops interested in using Zoom for practice and a chat. I'm new to both Zoom and Morserino.

In 1988 I passed 5WPM for my Novice Call, but life got complicated and CW was dropped and I never got to sit for the 10WPM exam. My K Call, VK8KMD was grandfathered into an Advanced Call. I still feel guilty about that, and feel I should be able to have an on-air CW QSO at 10WPM or more.

I love the Morserino for its wide range of learning options. I'm 73. It would be nice to meet Ops who are awake when I am.  Alice Springs time is UTC/Zulu +9.5 and doesn't move from that.

I'm on  73 Greg VK8KMD

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