Barely audible audio from headphone jack

Ian Kahn

Good evening, all. I built my Morserino-32 this past Friday night, and have been chasing one issue since then.

Everything works perfectly. Except, I can barely hear the audio out the headphone jack. I have tried multiple headsets with no difference. The only headset I could BARELY hear anything out of was an old Heil Pro5 that I have at my shack. Adjusting the large blue trimmer between the headphone jack and the speaker makes no difference. I have removed and re-soldered both the headphone jack and the trimmer several times. One issue I have with the trimmer is that the pins are so short they barely go through the board. And, there is almost no pad on the bottom of the board, for the trimmer. So, I am as sure as I can be that I have good solders there.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm kind of at wit's end with this, and being able to use headphones will make the Morserino a much more versatile training tool for me.

Thanks and 73,

Ian Kahn, NV4C

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