New Morserino Build

Mark Tosiello

Hi all,

Just built my first of 2 Morserino-32 kits. Pretty easy build, went well. All functions working properly. However, I have a rather dumb question. I connected one of my LiPo batteries to it for testing and it is working fine. My question is about the molex connectors. The molex  fit together perfectly (using the Makerfire 12 3.7v 750mAh 30C, from a pack of 6. However, I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to UNCOUPLE the molex connector from the battery. :)

The two side arms seem to be notched, and the small projections in the molex male connector sit in those notches. Obviously, can't pull them straight apart. Does one have to distract the sides with something to get them apart? 

Thanks for the help!

Mark KD8EDC, new Morserino owner.

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