Re: Sound Problems

Willi, OE1WKL


The lack of responses seems to indicate that this is not a common problem. But this also means we need more information about your problem to be able to come up with some advice.

. My device has become unusable, which is a shame because I used it often.

So it has been working OK? Is it a 1st or 2nd edition M32?

Its audio is too low through the speaker and too high through headphones, but the knobs work just not effectively,

Which knobs are you referring to? Please be specific - red button, black knob, or the (big) blue trimmer (in case of 2nd edition)? Do all other functions work OK regarding the black encoder knob and the red push button? Can you use the red button to bring the black knob into audio volume mode? When you set the volume with the black knob, is the indication bar on the display changing? When you adjust the big blue trimmer, you should be able to bring the headphone volume down to zero… this trimmer only adjusts headphone volume, it has no influence on the speaker volume.

It might also help to provide a short video that illustrates the problem…


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