How delete file from Morserino? may be is full

Donato Ninno - IW2EMD


I'm new owner of Morserino, I've played a bit with him, then I've tried to upload asc file to play names I can "manage".

So I went to github, downloaded the TXT file there, with thousand of names in it... (that was around 8MB large)
I've checked if before, and seen that was in HTML format, but I assumed was the correct format (even because Morserino has a tiny web server built-in) so I've uploaded it into Morserino. (I do know I should have checked manual BEFORE), but I was in rush since I'm leaving for vacation.

The upload was done at 100% but no automatic reload, so after a while I've reset it and played the file.
Of course morserino started to play exactly the html file as text (http:// bla bla)....

So I assume that I do need to free space from Heltec module, How I can delete that file now?

-I've tried an upload of a new file, same name,  but just few lines in it, morserino stills plays http...
-I've tried to reset the heltec board, same results
-I've tried to upgrade with new firmware (1.4) in the hope that It could "refresh" files, but the update procedure won't work. (I guess there is no more space to download the bin file.

I do need some advice.

Many thanks

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