Re: wifi connection

Willi, OE1WKL

No, it needs an SSID and password before it can connect. Please read the instructions again. You connect your computer to teh Access point created by Morserino with the menu item WiFi config. And you point your browser to teh IP address of teh Morserino on its own access point, in order to get the form to enter SSID and password.

Once this has been done, you select Update - now the Morserino connects to YOUR WiFi network, and you point your browser to the IP address shown on the Morserino.


Am 24.08.2019 um 22:22 schrieb menendez.james@...:

It never connects.  Isn't it supposed to connect before I enter the SSID?  When I click on Morserino to connet, it never connects.

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