Re: Line In/Out Pinout to Mac

Ben Cook

The TRRS pinout for an Android device is actually different from an Apple device. One of the things I learned yesterday. Basically the microphone for an Apple device (CTIA standard) is on the sleeve whereas the microphone for an Android device (OMTP standard) is on the 2nd ring. The ground position just flips depending on where the microphone pin goes.

I’m curious too what happens when you go from a TRRS to a TRS. Does it just mesh the audio channels together? Or just eliminates the mic? That will be the next thing I look up.

73, Ben N6ELF

On 29 Aug 2019, at 1:16, Birk [DB3DE] wrote:

It's an Android Motorola Moto something ;-)
My guess its similar with most phones - I can't image how they would otherwise electronically detect the difference between a 3 connector plug (--> just headphones -->  leave the internal microphone of the phone on) or a 4 connector plug (--> switch the internal microphone off)

73, Birk [DB3DE]

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