More practice files

Willi, OE1WKL

I uploaded some practice files to the GitHub Repository, that are useful for practicing with the Morserino-32's file player capability (

- The file "checkpartial_contest_calls_random.txt" contains more than 37.000 call signs, that had appeared in major contest logs over the years, taken from

- The file „RealQSOs.txt“ contains a large number of realistic QSO exchanges, and I am grateful to Bill, G0ELZ, for giving permission to use this file, that he and Gordon, G3DVW (SK), wrote up over a number of years.

- The 3 files „phrases_2_words.txt“, „phrases_3_words.txt“ and „phrases_4_words.txt“ make use of commonly used English phrases, 2, 3, or 4 words long, respectively. They have been contributed by Tommy, OZ1THC.

Should you have useful material that could be shared on GitHub, please send it to me for consideration!



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