Re: Direct Audio into the Mac

Craig T. Bailey

Yep.  I’m in the same boat with the latency.


I’m designing an external circuit based around the OpAmp which will combine the audio out from Morserino directly into the headphone output to work as a direct monitor.  Of course that morserino line out is also going to be SUMMED with my headset microphone, and that SUM signal is going to be fed into the lineIN on the mac.


I’ve given up on the software audio mixing.  The latency is just too much.


But, something must be designed soon, and produced cheaply, because so many of us are doing Morse into Zoom/Skype, and the audio coupling is just horrible.


Not to mention those PC Mics that do not even trigger until 30 milliseconds after a DIT is played… learning Morse over zoom is actually harder because of all these audio problems.


Then we have some guys that must be using dial up connections… the list goes on an on.


I really started hating the CW Academy classes because of the audio challenges.  SO much, that I eventually bailed out of Level 2.




Craig Bailey


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Hi folks,

I soldered a cable from the morserino TRRS input/output to the input of a external USB soundcard and get the sinus tone as input. Then I tried to reroute the tone to another soundcard output to hear it.

I´m actually in the first cw academy course and think also about piping in the cw tone directly to Zoom.

My problem is, that the latency of the output tone is to long - so there ist no hand-ear synchronicity possiible.

I´m using Windows 10 with VAC and Audio Repeater for routing. Any ideas to decrease the latency?

Best regards Thomas DG6UAX

Craig Bailey

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