Re: Direct Audio into the Mac

Steve Witt

I was doing the Zoom thing for CW classes with the Long Island CW Club
last spring with both my voice and audio CW from my radio coupled into
my laptop microphone. It isn't great and if everyone doesn't mute
themselves there can be a lot of audio interference making copying the
desired code pretty frustrating. At the beginning of the summer, a
bunch of guys in that club had a group buy of Morserinos and I started
using that as a code practice oscillator instead of my radio. I
started a CW Academy Level 1 class this fall and in preparation for
that decided to try to improve my audio setup.

So I got a TRRS 'breakout' cable that separates the input and output
audio from the Morserino into TRS connectors and fed its output audio
into one input channel of an audio mixer. I got a headset with mic and
fed the mic output into another input channel of the audio mixer. I
use a Linux laptop in my shack and added a USB sound adapter to that
and fed the output of the audio mixer into the mic input of the sound
adapter and the output of the sound adapter to the headphone connector
of the headset. Zoom must be configured to use audio from the USB
sound adapter instead of the laptop's built-in sound card. I think
this works pretty well and I hope reduces any interference that my
stray audio adds to the Zoom teleconference.

The one issue that I have is that I don't get Morserino audio when I
send code in my headset. But I can hear my audio from the Morserino
through its speaker with my headset on well enough to send code well
[well, as well as I can send :)]. This probably wasn't the cheapest
solution and relies a little more on hardware than may be necessary,
but it's straightforward and seems to be working much better than
using the laptop's built-in sound interface. Another slight
complication was that I needed to get a microphone adapter that
provided the required DC voltage to the headset mic from the audio
mixer to get the headset mic to work properly. When I got the
Morserino I didn't imagine that its audio interface would be useful
for something like this.

Steve K6ZX

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