Re: bux fix


Tommy, thanks.  Looks good.

Sometimes the next phrase plays with no delay.  Usually it works correctly, but every few phrases, the delay doesn't happen and the next phrase plays right away.  Some phrases don't play at all.  I just do a = and it goes to the next phrase.  That same phrase will play correctly at a later time.

Also, if the first element of the first character of the phrase is a DAH it doesn't come out quite right.  The rest of the  characters in the word and all the rest of the words are fine.  Can someone else confirm this? 

Overall, I'm really happy with this and the program is VERY useful!!  

Thanks for all your hard work.  I know emails get sent out to all the users each time I send a reply, so I'll try to be quiet for a while.   Or send me your email and I will try to respond privately.
Thanks again!  73, de W5NED Neall

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