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IS there an interest for a training session via Wifi 8 messages By Eric WS4K LICW#575 ·
Benutzerhandbuch und Aufbauanleitung als PDF downloaden 4 messages By Dieter Schön ·
Morserino Dropped to the Floor 5 messages By Fred-N7PN ·
Connecting External Key 3 messages By ... ·
Power via USB stopped working after just one hour 11 messages By Willi, OE1WKL ·
No acces on second part menu and no activation 3 messages By Rudy ON3RLI ·
I am working on an alternative case for my 12 messages By vince adams ·
New Heltec Board 6 messages By ... ·
Just arrived. . . 4 messages By Clay Nicolsen ·
Lost paddle 8 messages By Rachael Sanders ·
NightFire Electronics built my kit for $40 2 messages By Tom Northfell ·
What a great practice tool! 3 messages By Mui (M0MUI) ·
A idea for functions that uses German psychologist Ludwig Koch's method to learn how to receive and send morse code. By ... ·
Just ordered By Carl Clarke (2E0LUA) ·
#morserino setting up this thing 10 messages By Ian VA7ITM ·
Echo Trainer File Player Straight Key Error after 1st charachter 8 messages By Wolfgang OE1WKC ·
Silly question: Does anyone have a spare kit? 6 messages By Tim Ward K4TIM ·
Starting LoRa Failed 3 messages By Willi, OE1WKL ·
Charging Battery 3 messages By Rich ·
Server check 7 messages By Damon Downing ·
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