Construction comments

Howard W6HDG

I built my Morserino yesterday.  Thank you Willi! I'm hooked and tried several of the modes. So much fun. I'm going to show off the unit at the next San Diego DX Club meeting. It was worth waiting for my Morserino since meeting Willi at Friedrichshafen.

Construction was enjoyable and the instructions are great. I have one suggestion and one question. 

I stupidly put some pressure on the top acrylic when tightening the hex screws. My thumb covered the thin acrylic section between the USB plug and the copper colored curly coil (? Wifi antenna) and I cracked the acrylic between the two. No big deal as I repaired i and it is unnoticeable. But it is one thing to be careful of.

There is orange tape over the two paddle connectors. Is this to be removed and tossed or used in some way? I notice that the paddles can get out of horizontal alignment so maybe taping the side is an option if the paddles are never to be removed?

Howard W6HDG 

Willi, OE1WKL


Thanks for your comments.

The tape on the paddle connectors has to be removed - its purpose is to serve as a holding point for automatic placement on the PCB by the pick & place robot. Taping the paddles to the connector is certainly an option in case you are not planning to remove them for transport!

Vy 73


Hello Willi

Thank you so much for this kit. I love it.
The board is beautifully designed and the finished product is easy to use.
The Detailed Assembly Instructions are excellent and I put it together in a short time.

Some minor things I would change with the board design.
  1. The solder mask colour. I would prefer any colour other than black. Dave has something to say about this on eevblog
  2. The holes for the speaker clips seem a little off. The speaker was loose before soldering.
  3. The solder pads for the black wires ESP32- and LIPO- are not spaced far enough away from the flood filled ground plane. My Weller soldering iron is unable to heat the pads sufficiently to solder the wires. 
I have already started practicing with my straight key using the CW Decoder function even though I have no battery or enclosure.


Willi, OE1WKL

Thanks, Jamie, for the suggestions.

I couldn’t find the remark about black solder mask on the eevblog - what is wrong with it?

Sorry for the other inconveniences with the PCB - this was pretty much my first PCB design (the first real one, produced in more than 5 samples) , and I certainly can still learn a lot in this area!