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So far, 512 Morserino-32 kits have been shipped, into a total of 25 countries. Most kits went to Germany (162), Austria (142) and the US (121), followed by Switzerland, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom.

And more kits (126) are currently on the waiting list; they will be dispatched during the month of April.

Getting valuable insights (and, maybe, help...):

If you are not yet part of the Morserino user group, you should consider joining it. You can share your experience, get valuable information, and be helped by the community should you have a problem with your Morserino. The user group works by email (through, and you can subscribe here:

Kit <werzzal@...>

I see mine in that picture :-)

Many thanks for the kit, all working well and enjoying practice with the touch paddles.