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Where can I find instructions on how to set up Morserino iCW with Mumble?

Matthew Pullan

The main iCW website is hear:
That is the software side of things. You will need to create your own custom audio lead to connect the Morserino to your PC. I just use the sine wave output and feed it into a soundcard. The audio from the PC I play through the speakers. If you want to use the built in Morse reader on the Morserino, you will need to feed the audio from the PV back to the 4 pin line out socket. All wiring is explained in the manual.
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Where can I find instructions on how to set up Morserino iCW with Mumble?


Thank you for your reply.  Will look into this.


I recently set up iCW/Mumble VoIP on an iMac & a PC to send morse code with my M-32 over the internet on the iCW server. 
Use the following YT video for help with setup of iCW and Mumble:  
Remember that you use the Line In/Out on M-32 which is 4 pole 3.5 mm, (use 4 pole splitter to 2 TRS cables so you can let the M32 decode as well) going to your PC mic & speaker/headphone jacks. You will probably need an adaptor like:   
And on the iMac I found it best to use an External Sound Card USB Hub such as:
Take your time... it can be daunting but you will get there and it is quite amazing to hear your clean code coming back to you when you do your first "Loopback Test" in Mumble VoIP.
Look for my Call when you are on the iCW Server so we can QSO. I am ky9i, Jay Brambach contact me @ jdbrambach@... if you need more help. The first time you connect to New server on Mumble you need to set Address:, Port: 34749, Label: iCW-Texas-direct-IP and Username: yourCallSign/Name (leaving no spaces) It will say something about "host name" & "certificate"...just click yes and you will be into the iCW Rooms. GL de KY9I 73