Help with Latency or hesitation?

Greg - WB5GM

I have a question, not a complaint,... I usually use the Echo / File Player mode to run through those characters and words that I believe I need to work on.  My problem is that I suspect that sometimes my paddles seem to "hesitate" ???? Not sure if it's the Morserino or ME! I thought it might be corroded contacts so I have tested it though by moving my paddles to my FT-991 and testing the same characters that seemed to hesitate on Morserino.  On the 991, there doesn't seem to be a problem. I have reviewed the "Latency" instructions and settings, but the hesitation does not seem to be "after generating the current element (dot or dash)",... but BEFORE I can hear the first dot or dash.  In other words, I press a paddle, but don't get immediate feedback of the press like I do on the 991.  Is there another setting I need to look at?  It's very frustrating as the hesitation always causes a timing error.