Danny Goodrum - N5DRG SK

Vince A

it's a sad day when one of ours has passed on. "May you have a golden key forever Danny" RIP Danny
-During World War 2, Hams could not do what in the USA?
- In the movie Contact, what was Ellie's callsign?
- "Bandwidth" A Ham's waist size!
73-Vince: ":>) KD7TWW Formerly KJ7EUG
Thank you for your reply...

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 4:56 PM Greg - WB5GM <greg@...> wrote:
Danny passed away today. He gave us one last Field Day. Please pray for Joni and family. We will forward details of the funeral services when we have them.

73, Greg

Joy Rabins

Sorry for your and our loss.