using Morserino for HST


Hello,  I am new to the group and just want to buy it, but few questions first.
Is there somebody in the group using Morserino for HST training ? I am wondering, if it is usable for HSCW receiving and also sending. 
Few days ago, I tried it in Ham messe in Dobl. It is very interesting for me, but not sure about the pair of touch paddles, which are quiet small and short. Is it possible to upgrade the paddles or add bigger paddles on Morserino? 
Thanks for the answer
73 and have fun with CW
Ray, S54X

Karsten, DD1KT

Hello Ray, 

I am not that fast in the training to get close to HSCW speed, but for sure you can use your own paddles instead of the build in ones.
For that you change the source in the setup and connect your own paddles to the 3.5mm connector.

vy 73 Karsten


The highest speed to send is @ 60 wpm. Connecting to the Line In/Out (use 4 pole splitter cable, then 2 TRS cables) it will decode incoming cw with full break-in. It gets shaky on decode over about 40-50 wpm especially if someone is sending to you without a keyboard. It works to do iCW also which is very neat to use too.