Feature request-turn off sleep mode

Craig T. Bailey

HI Bruce,

the sleep timer value can be adjusted in settings. That would be a global setting.

I don't think my Vibroplex vibrokeyer adds an erronious dit when I have my morserino set to Iambic B, but I will check that and report back.

Craig Bailey


Just finished building my Morserino-32 and tried it during a CWT event.
I don't like the keyer shutting down after 5 mins of non use but i understand why this is setup to prevent premature battery exhaustion.
I would like to see a menu item where Sleep mode can be turned off or enabled if one chooses to keep that feature. It is very irriatating
to get ready to send when the keyer shuts down before you can keep it going.
The other feature would be not only Iambic A & B modes selection but a "slap" mode where there is no squeeze keying enabled. I had my keyer set
on B mode and that created extra dits or dahs sometimes at the end even though I was using a single lever paddle. I changed to mode A and hopefully
that will stop the erroneous dits dahs from showing up.
Other than those 2 issues the kit went together without a hitch and is working better than the K3NG keyer I built using a Arduino Pro Mini with LCD.