MAC OSx Catalina needs USB Drivers for Heltec

Craig T. Bailey

Hi everyone,

I just pulled a bunch of hair out today, I figured I'd prevent someone else from suffering.

I wanted to update my Morserino32 to to current firmware, and I wanted to build it from the source. The trouble was, ever since I updated my Macbook to Catalina... I hadn't tried building the source.

It turns out when Catalina was installed, it broke some of the USB drivers, and the darn Morserino32 would never appear on the list of port in the Ardunio IDE.

The solution was to download the set of MacOS drivers from silicon labs, which is what Heltec is using for its USB/UART bus.

On that silicon labs page, you'll find a set of drivers for the new MacOSX and a seperate download for "legacy" MacOS.

Once that driver was installed on the MacBook, the port showed up in the Ardunio IDE list of ports as

happy compiling! :)

Craig Bailey

Randy, N4TVC

I am also running Catalina on my MacBook Air.  This posting saved me, Craig.

Many thanks for the heads-up.

73, N4TVC, Randy