Connecting Morserino to my Transceiver


I want to connect the Morserino to my transceiver and would like some clarification please.

1) Is the 3.5mm jack to the transceiver a mono jack and do I connect this to the paddle input on my transceiver, wired as a straight key?
2) I want to use the audio in to decode the audio from my receiver, but I don't need the line out. This connector uses a 3.5mm TRRS jack. Must I use a TRRS jack or can I just use a regular TRS jack as I only want audio in?

Thank you

73 Ian VA7ITM

Willi, OE1WKL


1.) yes the transceiver jack is a mono jack, and must be wired to the transceiver as a straight key.

2.) the way TRRS jacks are wired (with ground on the second ring), you probably have to use a 4-pole jack, as otherwise the signal input (on tip and first ring) would likely be shorted to the 2nd ring .




Thanks for confirming, Willi.
73 Ian