Cheap source of batteries for UK


Hi all!

There's an interesting article in this month's (June 2021) RadCom magazine called

'An unexpected source of rechargeable batteries' by Giles Read G1MFG.

In it he describes a 'disposable' battery pack apparently manufactured for Poundland

stores called a 'Power Pod'.

Inside the case is a 3.7v 650mA lithium-ion battery (50x35x5mm),

I wasn't able to find one in my local store, so I looked on E-Bay and found someone selling them

for only £2!!

I then ordered a molex connector for the battery for about £1.

It fits nicely in the Morserino, held with double-sided tape.

I charged the battery using the Morserino when it arrived, and it's all working perfectly!

Not bad for a £3 outlay!

Best 73,

de Wyn GW4TUD