Audio volume very low


I have been playing with the Morserino for a while now.
I have turned the audio volume up all the way. It is still barely discernible.  True my hearing is not as good as it was. While using ear buds the volume is much better.
There does not seem to be any further compensation.
I suppose the speaker may be bad.
I  just tried re heating the solder joints with no change.
Any ideas?

John McClun


Since you seem to be acquainted with a soldering iron you might try his.  I have cut traces to speakers and used an LM386 chip with resistors soldered to the chip pins and the chip soldered on the lays and then to the speaker connections. Only power and ground need wires usually.  I find a gain of about 5 to 10 woks and allows better control with built in volume controls. Just a thought.