Code sample for writing your own bot



To make practice more fun with the Morserino, I would like to write my own game quizz bot that sends questions and expect answers in CW.

From a learning standpoint, it would be very helpful to hear several times the same sentence structure of the questions ("what is", "how many", ...) for the "morse phrases" of the CW journey. If I can make this work, I would love to make it available for everyone.

I am proficient with Python programming, however I have a hard time to find resources and documentation on the communication method between the Morserino and the server. I am hoping that someone has a sample code (for example accepting a connection, receiving a line of text and sending one back) to get me started; even if it is in a different programming language. Or any other pointers would be very welcome.

Thank you so much in advance!

Willi, OE1WKL

MOPP (the protocol how Morse Code is transmitted over packets):

Python source for simple chat server:




Thank you for the info, Willi and pavian57 for your suggestions !

Is there a list of public Morserino QSO bots out there?