Tommy Clemmensen

Hello Craig

I can see on your github that you have put up my and Willi's project. Thats fine.

I have not been told anyhow else in this forum but if the documentation will be better I am open for any help even also programming help.


Den 07-02-2020 kl. 23:55 skrev Craig T. Bailey:

Hi Tommy,

I have made some suggested edits to the file on GitHub. I'm not sure how you are notified, but please take a look at some of the suggestions. Like I said, this is a great app! I'd like to show my appreciation by offering to help with some of the docs.

Thanks again

Craig T. Bailey

Hi Tommy,

I just want to help clarify the docs. Eventually I think it will need to be localized, since our different primary languages handle verbs and nouns slightly different.

Craig Bailey