DHL Shipping

Eric WS4K LICW#575

I just wanted to let everyone know How fast the DHL shipping is. Willi shipped me a couple Morserinos on Thursday July 29. They were delivered Monday August 2. That is fast and very worth the price!!! Vienna, Austria to Melbourne Florida USA in 4 DAYS WOW!!!!

Last summer during the Pandemic, I ordered one and had it shipped by regular ground post. It took me 5 weeks to get it. Some of that might be do to Covid. If you can't wait for your Morserino, order it shipped DHL.

Enjoy your Morserino!!!

Eric WS4K

Bob Garrett

That is fast.  I rolled the dice with mine and had Willi ship it “regular” mail.  He shipped it on Tuesday July 20th and it was in the mailbox the next Tuesday (July 27th).  I didn’t check the mail on Monday so it could have been here in 6 days.  That’s pretty good getting to Denver, Colorado using the US Postal Service.  :-). 

It was also pretty fun getting it together and firing it up for the first time!


Greg Weir

Mine shipped on the 27th and arrived here (a very rural location on an island in Nova Scotia, Canada) on August 3rd, including time to go through Canada Customs, and pay the import duty. Very fast service. I’m pleased. Now just to assemble the unit. :)