[External] [morserino] Problem updating from V1.1 to V2.0

Parsons, John

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Good question.  I’m having the same problem with my device.  




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Subject: [External] [morserino] Problem updating from V1.1 to V2.0



My Morserino is currently on V1.1. I have downloaded from GitHub version 2.0 (file is 907kb). After pressing red button three times to bring up WiFi menu, I cannot select any of the visible options. The screen display shows :  Wifi Functions:   ,   Wifi Config   ,   File Upload  ,    Update Firmw. , and the top entry "Wifi Functions" is highlighted.  When rotating the black encoder, the highlighted selection does not move. Pressing the black encoder button once changes the display to :  Enter wifi Info  ,   AP: morserino  ,  URL: m32.local  ,   RED to abort.

What sequence is needed to move the highlight bar to another selection on the Wifi display ?

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Mike Harang