Hi to Willi

David Wilcox

Hi Willi.  I was so happy to meet you and your lovely supportive wife yesterday at the Orlando Hamcation.  Guys, you should see his wife.  So supportive of what he is doing for us hams that I asked her where was her crown......  she pointed to the purple streak of hair on her forehead. Ha! 

If you’re on the fence about ordering a Morserino, just do it.  A great easy to build kit for learning Morse code.  I got my Extra years ago by having an AEA electronic box sending Morse groups beside me on the seat of the car while driving.  The Morserino can do that and more. 

Don’t wait for Dayton as Willi’s schedule doesn’t permit him to be there.  Just order from his web page:

Dave K8WPE

David J. Wilcox K8WPE’s iPad