Learning cw practices with Morserino


Hi All 
 Thought of making a place for How people use the Morserino to Learn Cw 
  Now that I can use mine with a straight Key , it has become my main learning tool.
 I can move around the house ,instead of being stuck on my Computer for 1,
I start with e ,I,s,h,5 and back then t m o and 0 run up the alphabet , 1_9  then back and my favorite is the echo modes .
  That's all for Now 


Received my Morserino yesterday and it's now put together and working. So, far so good.
I'm now using it as my main method of training. (Koch method).
I can recognise most of the letters at 25wpm (with a lot of space in-between them) but find it difficult to recognise words. 

I've also been using Morse-it on the iPad. I have my Kent key connected to the iPad through an iPac gaming module and an Apple camera adapter. (It works extremely well).
I've been trying the CWOPS training section on Morse-it.

Dave (M0ZXW)