Practice morserino32

Tommy Clemmensen


I have set the words at 5 letteres and rufz and random between 9-22 wpm but is at 18 wpm the most of the time.

I got a little of the words correct then I tried two words txt with (comma ,) but it was to difficult

I had a old router so that was the reason I could not get the wifi to work when I change my router it was no problem.

But I got to try to update firmware two times because first time it took all my battery and did not update, but then I connect my pc wire and uploaded the battery at the same time and have the pc usb plugin so I succesfully update the new 2.0 firmware.

I could not see any different in the first manual, but in the v2 there was a lot of new stof.

I have bought two morserino's becouse I sold the first to my cw teacher oz4wil. I have zip the new manuals and firmware to him.

But the only problem I have now is that the wifi eat all my battery, but I just have to learn that my pc have to be connected as I use the wifi.

I kneed a longer wire for they usb but I do not know what the moserino stik is called, I use a old phone usb for my old android phone. Now I have a IPhone and the cable dont connect. But the adroid cable is only 10 inch long it would be easyer if I could get it longer.

Tommy de oz1thc