Shipment to US from May 7 )(was Re: US Customs)

Willi, OE1WKL


It seems that the lost mailbag has been finally found somewhere - the first item from the shipment into the US apparently has reached its destination!

So there is now an increased likelihood that the other "lost" items will arrive soon. As you probably have received the replacement items I had shipped on June 30, you can proceed then as I had indicated in my previous email:
  • Return the second item. I will reimburse you the shipping cost through PayPal.
  • Keep it (e.g. for a family member or a friend). For this option I will offer you a reduced price (65 €).
  • Gift it to a newcomer (a newcomer to Morse Code that is); if the recipient lacks the skills to build it, you might be required to help them with that. I would appreciate a picture of the recipient and their new toy! Apart from that there is no obligation for you (i.e., you don't have to pay me: It's my gift to the newcomer).


George Rowe

I'm still waiting on my item to ship. 😴😴

George Rowe