Start up Anomaly #morserino

Eric WS4K LICW#575

I discovered an anomaly on start up.

To set the M32 to the voltage of the battery being used, you squeeze both paddles when turning on the power switch. I have been using 3.7 volt batteries so that is what I set them too. I seem to do this automatically when I build a Morserino.

Today I was helping repair an M32 for N4HOE. He only wanted to use a charge cord plugged into the Micro USB port. Well when I squeezed paddles as I plugged in the phone charger cord, the screen showed a blank battery and then went to a black screen. Don't do that! The fix was simply to unplug it and plug it back in, without touching the paddles. It will start normally. If it acts strangely, unplug it a second time and plug it back in. It should be work okay. I had never seen this before using LiPo batteries. I could repeat the problem over and over. I could fix it the same way every time.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Eric WS4K LICW#575