WiFi connection problem (M0JRZ)

John, M0STQ

Good idea, Juergen and Karen. Manually typing in the password is going to be a safer method, and something that should be used to eliminate possible problems.

@John Robb (M0JRZ): how’s it going? Did you fix it? Do you have WiFi working, yet?

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John, M0STQ

On 15 Sep 2020, at 08:17, Juergen Wagner <Juergen.Wagner@...> wrote:

during the past 20 or more ys with MS and copy & paste i had several times pc useres wid the problem that copied and inserted fields
doesn't work like expected. When i than had a look wid a hex-editor into the fields variable at all times there where unvisible
code wid it. simplest one a leading blank or so.

Am 15.09.2020 um 01:24 schrieb Karen Chancellor:
I had a similar problem. After several unsuccessful tries, I entered the SS ID and password manually. Prior attempts were using copy and paste. After manually copying, success.