Wifi issue

Mark Lynn

I recently fot my morserino.
Trying to get it connected to my wifi but having issues.
I brought up the wifi menu, went to configure. It showed up on my laptop in wifi networks.
I clicked on it and then opened up m32 local.
I put in my network name and password.
On the mosserino i went to wifi-check and the network name shows up but it says not connected  no internet.
Would anyone happen to have any ideas what to do to resolve this?
I did this several times and same result each time.

Evan Hand

Hi Mark,

Did you fill in a server name to connect?  That is the third line in the WiFi config screen.  There are two bots that you can use to test:

You can set up the second WiFi link with the same network and password, just add the other server on the third line of the second group of three.  You can then switch between them using the select WiFi screen on the Morserino.  You will need to remember which config goes to which server as both will show the same WiFi network link name.

You can go to the web pages for the qsobot.online here:

I would also suggest you go to the Morserino.info site and watch the videos towards the bottom of the page:

I do not have a link for the cq.morserino.info.  It was in one of the videos on the above page.  I do remember that to start it you do need to send hi in code.  It the response with a k and you can then send cq de your call sign as you would on the air. to see if anyone else is connected to the server at that time.  It is not often that I was able to get a response, so I use the qsobot.online as it is AI-based and always responds if it is up.

Hope this helps