WiFi Issues


I have found several reports here discussing WiFi problems. First of all it worked fine without any problems for me. So I sat down to verify possible problems. I used a Cisco acces point several meters away from me.

OE1WKL recommends to increase the WiFi intensity. I guess that the field could be too strong as well. Using a cheap netgear router close to the morserino caused problems, in about 1m distance it worked again. My normal network uses extreme longĀ complex passwords > 33 char and that worked without problems. So there is no need to downgrade security on that side.

I have 2,4GHz and 5,1GHz here but I only used the 2,4GHz net to connect, I have not tried tha 5,1GHz net.. On both devices I announce the access with different names so I know which band I use.

Eventually this might help to trace down WiFi connection problems.