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Does the unit need to be turned on when the USB is plugged in or does it matter.


Turning the switch "on" is only if you want to charge the Lipo or - run it from the Lipo. It's all in the manual.. ;-)

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Does the unit need to be turned on when the USB is plugged in or does it matter.

Juergen Wagner

From the Manual:
If you want to use the devie with USB power, just plug a USB cabel in from virtually any USB charger (it
consumes a max of 200 mA, so any 5V charger will do).
If you run it from battery power, slide the sliding switch to the ON position.
When the device is off but with the battery connected (sliding power switch is on), it is in deep sleep in
reality: almost all functions of the microcontroller are turned off, and power consumption is minimal (less
than 5% of normal operation).
To turn the device on from deep sleep, just press the RED (Power/Vol/Scroll) button momentarily. You will
see a start screen for a couple of seconds. The only interesting bit of the start screen is at its very bottom:
you will see an indication of how much battery power is still left. If this goes way towards empty, you should
connect your device to a USB power source. (The battery will be drained even if you never turn the device
on - although this is rather minimal in its deep sleep status, a full battery will be empty after a couple of
days. Therrefore, if you intend not to use the Morserino for a longer period of time, disconnect the battery
from the device using the slider switch at the back...)
If the battery voltage is dangerously low when you attempt to turn it on, an empty battery symbol will show
on the scren and the device will refuse to boot up. if you see this symbol, you should begin charging your
battery as soon as possible.
To disconnect the device from the battery (turning it off, unless you are USB powered), slide the sliding
switch to the OFF position.
To put the device into deep sleep, you have two options:
In the main menu, select the option "Go To Sleep"
If in the parameter menu a "Time Out" value has been set, do nothing. If there is no display update, the
device will power itself off and go into deep sleep after the time set there has passed.
To charge the battery, connect it with a USB cable to a reliable USB 5V power source, like your computer,
or a USB charger like your phone charger.
Make sure the hardware switch of the device is ON while charging - if you disconnect the battery
through the switch, the battery cannot be charged. When charging, the orange LED on the ESP32
module is lit brightly. When the battery is disconnected, this LED will not be lit brightly, but rather be blinking
nervously or half lit.
Once the battery has been fully charged, the orange LED will not be lit anymore.
You can of course always use the device when it is powered by USB, if the battery is charging or not.

Powering On and Off / Charging the Battery
To prevent deep discharging of the LiPo battery, always turn the Morserino-32 off via the main slide
switch. Do not leave it in 'sleep mode' for long periods of time (up to a day or maybe two is ok, if it was
well charged; a fully charged 600 mAh battery will be discharged to the level of about 3.2 V within 3 to 4
days during deep sleep).
The Heltec module has electronics on board for charging the battery, and it it prevents overcharging quite
well. But it has no prevention of deep discharge! Deep discharge leads to diminished battery capacity
and eventually early death of the battery!

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Does the unit need to be turned on when the USB is plugged in or does it matter.